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Proton Innovation "The rainmakers"

Why Proton - The name was given to the company by a successful ICT business leader in Singapore 18 years ago.
His simple statement - "Proton - positively charged - the opposite to negative "We have been making it happen for companies
all over the world since then!


Commercialization - Having a great idea or a great prototype is step one, getting that to market is the tough bit.  Don’t let the negative “experts” get you down, you CAN make it happen!  But, to do it right, you need guidance from those that have done it successfully. That's where Proton comes in.     

Market Development -  Find the market, research the market, get the market, open international offices, and have the right partners in the right places. You don't just want any market, you want the RIGHT MARKET.  One that is sustainable and brings you long term success.

Business Development -  Find the customers and partners that will make a difference to your future. Protons experience and network makes this much easier.

Technology -  Proton has successfully developed and deployed a wide range of sophisticated technologies globally for major clients. Our Team have world leading experience in major markets from the USA to China and all points between. We have a large network around the world of expert advisors.

Technology Review - Know the answers to the key questions, Who are your competitors?  Is your product unique?  What is the best market for it?  How do you protect it?  What comes next?  Proton can provide the specialist input you need to get the right answers quickly.

Innovation Ecosystem Audits -  A process we undertake to review the status of your Innovation, and your ability to make it happen. Is your business as effective as it can be? A thorough and efficient review of the things that really matter.  Do you have the right partners?  The right funding?  The right technologies? Are you talking to the right people?  Getting it right makes all the difference,

Business /Strategy and Technology Planning - Good planning is the key to success.  But, that doesn't just mean a simple business plan, it means getting the strategy right, having a technology roadmap that makes sense, and one that can be achieved. Ensuring you have considered and planned for every cost, every requirement, and every market you need for success.

Sales Management and Planning -  A whole new world for most people.  Do you know how to sell?  Do you know how to get the right sales people? Do you know the difference between Hunters and Farmers?  Can you sell internationally? How do you measure success?  Can you manage a bid?  Do you know when NOT to sell?  It's fashionable to pretend “sales” don’t matter…….But, No sales, No business.  Nothing matters more!

Communication and Marketing -  Are you using all the tools at your disposal to get the word out about your company?  Are you too busy to make your business a success?  From seminars to social media and all points in-between, Proton will recommend useable strategies which are cost effective and powerful.

Disruption Strategies -  Don't just be one of the crowd in an already crowded market.  Disrupt, upend, and attack.  If you really want to make money,  you have to take the market, own the market, and in some cases, create the market.  Go big, Go hard, Win!!

Transformation and Turn Around -  Sometimes things don’t go quite to plan.  It’s a tough time.  Proton has turned around companies all over the world, and transformed non- performers into high energy-performers.  Business can be tough sometimes. Don’t Give Up, Get Help!

Accessing Grants -  There are a lot of very supportive Federal, State and Local Government grants out there.  Proton will assess the right ones for your business, and provide assistance with completing the application process. 

Interim Executive Staff -  Getting the right people isn't easy, particularly when you only want them for a short-time or part-time.  We know the right people for your business. Send us an email via our Contact page.

Working with Universities -  There are a lot of wonderful Universities in Australia with expertise in almost every field you can imagine.  They can REALLY help you win.  Proton provides expert guidance so you are working with the right ones for your business.  AT the same time as taking your business into a whole new realm, you will be assisting the next generation of students.

Proton Seminars coming to you in 2018

  • No Innovation without Commercialization
  • Maximize your valuation!  Working the multiples
  • Planning for Exit- Make it count
  • Picking Winners.  
  • Crossing the Chasm- from start up to winner