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Proton Innovation "The rainmakers"

Why Proton - The name was given to the company by a successful ICT business leader in Singapore 18 years ago.
His simple statement - "Proton - positively charged - the opposite to negative "We have been making it happen for companies
all over the world since then!

The Team


Colin Chandler

Colin has over 30 years experience in taking great Innovations into global markets.  Colin's senior roles include CEO, COO, Product Manager, Vice President, and Founder of numerous companies in Australia and the US. He has had business operations in Australia, Asia, Europe and North and South America. Colin has undertaken successful turn around’s in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Most importantly though, he has been successful.  Colin is passionate and excited about taking great Innovations successfully into a global arena, and knows how to do it. He has raised a lot of capital, has a powerful global network, has opened new markets, brought disruptive technologies to global prominence, in fact, he just likes winning!  Importantly, he has also had a number of successful exits and loves helping  his clients “plan for the upside!!”

He is renowned for his passion about what he does.  As Colin says “ Be involved, be engaged, be excited but most importantly……be successful and create a balance in your life"!.

Francis Cox

Over 30 years Francis has been involved in the development and adoption of technology and communications into business process. Francis has successfully pioneered new industry practices and business models to convert "technology vision" into useful applications valued by the real world. In recent years, Francis’ focus has been matching the most appropriate technologies to facilitate business objectives and supervising change programs for these solutions.

Recent projects have included:

  • A multi-year program to shift superannuation as an industry to an eCommerce technology base. This program is entitled SuperStream and is in the first delivery phase right now.
  • Developing real time diesel emission management systems for the 5 largest underground mining companies in Australia.
  • Selection and adoption of multi-modal publishing technology for Queensland’s largest industry superannuation fund.
  • Development and deployment of a high-availability online credit card gateway on behalf of Mastercard, American Express and HSBC Asia.

Dr Graham Chen

Graham's focus is data management products as well as International business development into the China market. Graham has 26 years experience in International R&D, product development, technology strategies for startup companies. Graham was previously the CTO of CiTR, a telecommunications network and services management solution provider. Graham is also working on Federal government funded projects to create a computer and storage cloud to support “big data” research projects in Australian Universities.

Graham has a PhD in Computer Science and is a senior member of the IEEE. Graham is the author of a research monograph “Integrated Telecommunications Management Solutions” published by IEEE Press.

Al Lorenz

Monetisation of ideas, concepts and products has been Al’s passion since the 1980's.  That quest has included start-ups to corporate environments, technology to commodities and products as well as services

As a great engineer, Al helped develop state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and designed products from telecommunications test equipment to consumer products.  But, engineering alone doesn't  business build, and Al has built businesses.  In doing so it required him to build U.S. and international distribution channels, marketing campaigns, product strategies and the financing to get to the exits. 

The biggest challenge for any business is coming to grips with the reality surrounding their idea.  Relying on hindsight is not a winning strategy.  Finding the actual demand for their product, the price that customers will pay, the return that can be offered and whether that can all be accomplished in the market window greatly simplifies decision making.  Seizing market opportunities and piecing together a winning strategy that usually takes less capital than competitors is a good day’s work for Al.