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Proton Innovation "The rainmakers"

Why Proton - The name was given to the company by a successful ICT business leader in Singapore 18 years ago.
His simple statement - "Proton - positively charged - the opposite to negative "We have been making it happen for companies
all over the world since then!

Work Zen

Don't waste your energy!

There are a LOT of innovative companies in the world wasting a lot of time and money, and often their chances for success. Being a tech innovator is hard, demanding, intense, fulfilling and really exciting. If your expertise is in building a great application, or a great piece of hardware, why is it you think you should also be able to develop a succesful business strategy, understand sales staff, get the right marketing, make sure your product is right for the market, raise capital, put an operations plan in place and all of those other essentials required for success.  Reading a book on it isnt enough. If you want to succeed you need expertise.  And that means experience in what works, what doesn't and how to maximise your outcomes!   Your energy needs to be devoted to your innovation. Your idea, your disruption.  Getting incredibly stressed by trying to be all things to all people doesn't work- ever.  Proton work as your partner to help you acheive your goals, take away the stress, and get you success ready!  We know technology, we know technology businesses, and we know what it is like to start a succesful technology business from scratch!  Why?  We have done it.